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Ive been religiously using VirtualBox for the past several years to host Linux distros. I decided to try out VMWare Player today. Fired up a brand new install of Mint17 (based off Ubuntu 14.04). While VirtualBox works with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, VMWare functions on Windows and Linux, not Mac.The harder decision comes into play when you consider Player vs. VirtualBox. In this comparison, I will pit Oracle Virtual box vs VMWare Player. For easier consumption of the content, I will be breaking it down into different segments.All I have to do is open VMWare or VirtualBox, choose my Linux virtual machine and start up the OS. x86, x86-64 (with Intel VT-x or AMD-V, and VirtualBox 2 or later). Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris, FreeBSD, eComStation. Older versions of VMware Player/VMware Workstation Player support x86. I just want to know if Virtualbox or Boxes are better/the same/not as good as VMware Player.Run a Windows game in a VM in Clear, and you will get the best performance in Linux for Windows games in a VM. Regards. "VMware Player" runs on "Windows" and Linux hosts. "VMware Player" does not run on a Macintosh host. ( VMwares non-free "Fusion" application runs on Macintosh computers.)There is no Firewire support real or virtual in "VMware" or "VirtualBox".

You can install Virtualbox on your Kali, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS as well and get a nice Virtualization Platform for free.Get VMware Workstation and VMware Player running on your Linux Box. Home Forums > Hardware, Software and Accessories > Linux Compatibility and Software >. VirtualBox vs VMware Player? which linux? Discussion in Linux Compatibility and Software started by hoodle, Jul 5, 2011. Even if you are using VMware Player, the procedure is the same. Before starting the migration process, make sure that the VM you want to export is in Power Off state and not in Suspended or Paused state. This applies to both VMware and VirtualBox. If you are on Linux install VirtualBox using your package manager.

To do this in UbuntuLaunch appliance in VMware. Run VM Player. Click on File -> Open Virtual Machine and select the vmx file you have uncompressed. Back to VMWare Player Cons! Difficulties with some WiFi network adapters. Now VirtualBox. Pros: Available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, and FreeBDS. Functions are available to clone VMs (saves time!). Supports more virtual hard disk file types. In this guide, we will cover the creation of the virtual machine both with VMware Player and VirtualBox, for Intel and AMD processors.At the time of this writing, the latest version of VMware Workstation Player 12 is 12.5.7, available for 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems. VMware Player 3.1.4 and Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0.10 - An initial review of two free virtual machines. A virtual machine allows basically any guest OS to run within a host OS.The goal is to find the best virtual machine for Linux. Steps: 1- Download Kali Linux 2017.1 ISO 2- Create Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation/Player 3- Start Kali Linux Installation 4Boot from a USB Flash Drive in VMware Player or Virtualbox by Britec It isnt possible to boot from a USB Flash Drive under VMware player or VirtualBox but fo Kali Linux. VirtualBox or Vmware comparison [VirtualBox v/s Vmware].include all feature of virutal box and some advance features also. VMware Player, run directly on the hardware itself and provide all the services you need within the software package. This video shows how much faster VMware Player 5.0.0 is compared to VirtualBox 4.2. I used Linux Mint 12 (Oneiric based) as a host - Intel Core2 Duo P8700 2,53GHz, 4 GByte RAM. I started Ubuntu I currently use VMWare Player (version 2.0.2) to run various Guest OSes, mainly Linux (especially Ubuntu), but also Windows (2000 and XP).My question is: is it ok to install VirtualBox onto the same PC OS as VMWare Player (or will they conflict in some way)? Virtualbox, VMWare Workstation/Player/Server, QEMU, User-mode-linux etc fall into one category of VM - theyre hosted within an existing OS, such as windows or linux. Xen, KVM, VMWare ESX, fall into a different category - theyre hypervisor based virtualisation stacks. Launch the VMware virtualization software (VMware workstation, VMware Player, etc), and open the VMX file to boot the OS of converted physical machine.How To Run KDE Plasma Mobile In VirtualBox On Linux. Windows. Convert Videos For Cross Platform Viewing: Wondershare Video Download Linux Lite 2.6 vm images for VirtualBox (VDI, VHD) and for VMware (VMDK), run Linux Lite 2.6 Linux inside your OS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. Workstation Player is also capable of running restricted virtual machines, i.e machines that are created using VMware Workstation Pro.Download Portable-VirtualBox. 7. MobaLiveCD. Our final entrant on this list is one freeware specific to running Linux virtual machine on a Windows Recently I needed to convert my physical CentOS Linux 7.3 server to a virtual image that I can quickly run from either VMware Workstation Player or VirtualBox (or keep as a backup that can be easily switched on as a copy of the physical server). I know VMWare beats Virtualbox in this area for windows, but i havent tested it for linux so i cant judge which one is better if you want to do things like watch videos or play some low-end graphic games. Short Answer: I feel that Virtualbox outperforms VMWare Player with Linux guests in almost For all intents and purposes, Virtualbox on a fast Linux machine gives you a Windows box entirely capable of professional/business use, minus 3DIm also running windows 7 Pro 64 bit in Vmware player and its just like running it raw - very good. At home w/ Ubuntu Linux, Virtualbox is easier to maintain, performs as well as I require and is free. VMware Player is too feature limited.I use virtualbox as a test bed for Linux born Guest it is less painful to use than VMware. Its my basic guide to help beginner users to install SteamOS on Virtual Box VMWare Player till finish from myAfter you build SteamOS ISO, you can use it to install on VirtualBox or burn it to DVD.Please check out my guide on my youtube channel: Tips to enable access to the linux desktopwebsites for the download package but didnt see any for Mint, just ubuntu, fedora, debian and such, so im confused as to which version of the Virtualbox or VMware Workstation Player I should download and install for my Linux Mint 17.1 PC. VMware Player and VirtualBox are the two most popular virtualization software packages for x86 processor architecture. This post highlights advantages and disadvantages of VMware Player and VirtualBox in terms of their features. VirtualBox vs VMware The Linux Action Show!VMware Player is free for personal use by the way - so give it a shot yourself :) - hope that helps For instance, virtualbox is great with linux (for obvious reasons) but the GPU utilization is kinda shit comparatively. But its also free.And VMware Player/Workstation, which is probably the leading enterprise solution Ive worked with virtualized environments under both, Windows and Linux for a few years. On Windows I ran VirtualBox and VMWare.Im a happy VMware Player user. I have had a Win XP VM for several years. Cost and Licenses VirtualBox and VMware Player are easily two of the most cost-effective options on the market of x86 processor virtualization software.Also running Virtualbox inside linux hosts is sometimes too tedious for a beginner, because it requires some kernel stuff to begin with. sponsored links. Kvm, Virtualbox or Vmware ? Articles, Reviews Add comments.Then you can download the VMware player. Its available in a bundle for windows and linux 32 and 64 bits. The file size of the download is around 105 MByte. Virtualization.Linux/Unix virtual machines (VMDKs) for VMware Player/Plus/Workstation. All images for VirtualBox and VMware have the same username and password. VirtualBox and VMware Workstation Player are both free. But which one is best for you? Let us help you find out!Im using Linux Mint with a virtual XP (and Windows 7 64 bit) running in Virtualbox - no issues at all. Software including Visual Studio run without any issues. Zhiqiang Ma, OCT 12, 2012 AT 10:01 AM On Linux platforms from my own experience, VMWare player delivers better performance than VirtualBox. However, VirtualBox is easier to setup/upgrade/etc. Home Forums > Linux Forums > Installation/Configuration >. How to open VirtualBox images in VMwarePlayer?Is this link for VMware Player images or VirtualBox images? First I used Oracle Virtualbox, which was very good, but after I tried VMWare Workstation player, I like VMWare more.Much easier to install OSX in the VM. VMWare actively blocks installing OSX in their Windows and Linux desktop products (edit: thanks Clarke). Anyway, Im going to move my Linux machine to my VMware Player. So Ive decided to take pictures of each step and publish it here as a tutorial.convert vmware ova to virtualbox. why import virtualbox vm into vmware player. This video shows how much faster VMware Player 5.0.0 is compared to VirtualBox 4.2. I used Linux Mint 12 (Oneiric based) as a host - Intel Core2 Duo P8700 2 VMware Player is a free desktop application that lets you run a virtual machine on a Windows or Linux PC.A widely used alternative to VMware is VirtualBox. You can read our separate article on VirtualBox vs VMware to understand the differences. If you have a PC running Linux, we recommend that you follow these instructions for VMware Player.At the end of the VirtualBox tutorial for Linux on the Appliance site, there is Troubleshooting section which I had to follow to get the network working. In Linux you can find Virtualbox in most major repositories (though it isnt always the latest version).Aside from Virtual Box, and VMWare Player / Workstation are there other options worth considering? And talking about virtualisation products for Linux devices, the options are plenty. However, in this article, we will focus on four popular options — Qemu, VirtualBox, VMware Player and Parallels Workstation. VMWare Player versus Virtualbox. By SoCalRox, February 23, 2016 in Virtualization Cloud Services.i always keep both around for older windows (like 9x) installs, vmware player is better at the moment and for some linux stuff, virtualbox wins, both are good. To use our virtual machines, You have to download and install VMware Workstation Player or VirtualBox.Requirements: - Vmware Player for Linux or Windows - 512MB of free RAM - i686 processor. VMware Workstation Player allows businesses to embrace BYO by providing a corporate desktop image that can run managed or unmanaged on an end users laptop or desktop PC.Host Operating Systems (64-bit). Ubuntu 14.04 and above. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 above. Linux Kernel: 3.8.0-19-generic (x8664). Guest VM Installation. VMware Player VM: VMware Tools.If you want to share your experience with VMware Player or VirtualBox in terms of their performance, feel free to share it in the comment section. VMware Player and VirtualBox are the two most popular virtualization software packages for x86 processor architecture.Enter your email address below, and we will deliver our Linux posts straight to your email box, for free. VirtualBox is a free and open-source solution that works with all x86 platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris.

VMware vs. VirtualBox Comparison. VMwares Workstation offers a wide array of features for desktop virtualization, with slight variations between the Player and Pro editions

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