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By contrast, the 2010 and 2014 World Cup finals gathered 24.3 million and 26.5 million U.S. viewers, respectively — with 9.2 million viewing the 2014 final in Spanish on Univision. Lets use that to do some arithmetic about El Clasicos audience globally. Football vs. Football — The Number of World Cup Viewers and Super Bowl Viewers. If youre like many Americans, you probably arent planning to pay much attention to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 2006 World Cup vs. Super Bowl viewership World Cup Final, Italy v France Claim: 715.1 million, Estimated: 260 million.World Cup, by a large amount. The XXXIX Superbowl had an estimated 94 million viewers.FIFA World Cup 2014. Football - American. Germany vs.

Argentina: Averages 17,324,000 Viewers and 9.1 Rating 1,800,000 Unique Viewers and 112,100,000 Minutes Viewed on WatchESPN. 2014 World Cup ESPNs Most- Viewed and Highest-Rated Ever. Men watch the 2014 World Cup Group B soccer match between the Netherlands and Australia on a laptop, at a camel market in Daba near Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, on June 18, 2014. Reuters/Mohamed Alhwaity. World Cup 2014 - Brazil. World of Soccer.The yearly number of viewers world wide for the Champions League final dwarfs that of the Superbowl and then Im talking real viewers, not suck my thumb stats. Tosh why soccer sucks, World Cup futbol/soccer vs NFL - Продолжительность: 1:50 MattyFly Unplugged 68 914 просмотров.The best fan reactions to all USA goals - FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - Продолжительность: 10:04 Max Funke 357 376 просмотров.

If youre like many Americans, you probably arent planning to pay much attention to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.To give you a sense of just how huge, we visualized a comparison of viewership, looking at how many people watched the Super Bowl this year compared with the number of viewers of the 4. Global Appeal. We arent talking Dallas or San Francisco folks, this is a COUNTRY vs. COUNTRY situation.So there you have it, 10 reasons why the World Cup wins over Superbowl. Whos with me?I am at my daughters college orientation wearing my Australia 2014 World Cup hoodie Cricket World Cup 2011. 2.2 billion. 67.6 million (Pakistan vs India).having said that Formula 1 is another most watched sport in the world which generated around 500 million viewers in 2014 but that is way off the mark compared to global events like Rugby and Cricket World Cup. Its official: more people in the US are streaming the World Cup than this years Superbowl, so its no surprise sports channel ESPNESPN also found that the: USA vs Portugal contest on Sunday, June 22 is the most- viewed soccer match across all US television networks, averaging 18,220,000 viewers. This World Cup has also seen a new high of 389,000 messages-per-minute recorded on Twitter, eclipsing the previous mark set by activity around Superbowl XLVIII.During the U.S. vs. Portugal game alone, 10 million people generated 20 million Facebook interactions. Posted Jun 26, 2014 by Matthew Panzarino (panzer).The WatchESPN app (or site, or however you access it) was the way that many Americans were watching the US vs. Germany World Cup match today. ESPNs streaming service, WatchESPN, hit a record concurrent viewership of 1.7 million people yesterday during the second half of the USAs World Cup game against Germany.1.7 million concurrent viewers during USA versus Germany. World Cup: Bigger than Super Bowl? Tom Gatehouse 28 July, 2014 World Cup.West Ham vs Newcastle Prediction, Betting Tips Preview. Chris Davies provides important transfer update for Celtic fans. The WatchESPN app (or site, or however you access it) was the way that many Americans were watching the US vs. Germany World Cup match today. So many, in fact, that the site had issues serving all of its users in the first half. The World Cup and the Super Bowl are two of the biggest sporting events on this planet. The 2014 FIFA World Cup final had 3.2 billion global viewers and 1 billion people tuned in to watch the final between Argentina and Germany. The 2012 Super Bowls estimated viewership of 111.3 million pales in comparison.When the soccer teams that compose these groups converge on Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, theyll be competing in a multilayered tournament RELATED: Rain to Impact US vs. Germany World Cup Match Thursday Interactive US Weather Radar AccuWeather Forecast Maps.Forecast Temperatures for Start of US Versus Germany Match. Location. The WatchESPN app (or site, or however you access it) was the way that many Americans were watching the US vs. Germany World Cup match today.And the Super Bowl is a very American event. Home Full Match Replay World Cup 2014.Please consider Supporting or Donating to us, it help a lot. MUST READ FIRST, How To Download our files. Watch Also : Patriots vs Falcons Super Bowl 51 Full Game Replay 2017. Considering the World Cup involves every country, and the Super Bowl involves one country, this statistic isnt that amazing.Wow, "Soccer Center" is definitely an unbiased source when it pertains to the football vs soccer debate. LMAO FOH. Yes, when comparing the same statistic, the Super Bowl has more viewers than the World Cup.The superbowl involves teams from one country only, where as the World Cup involves teams from all around the world. How Many People Around The World Are Watching The World Cup?Goals | Road To FIFA 2022 Dribb Cut Sock Tape Cesar Delgado Regresa Catania A Caccia Del Poker Ezechiel Ndouasel Abdullah Avc Ma Sonu Yorumlar Juventus-Inter 9-12-2017 Promo World Cup Viewers Vs Superbowl. If youve been watching or tweeting about the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, youre certainly not aloneFirst of all, the Twitter stats: the Brazil vs Chile match on Saturday became the most tweeted eventThat tops the 1.1 million peak concurrent viewers who watched the Superbowl on Fox, though the According to fifa.com the 2010 World cup reached 214 territories with 3.2 billion viewers! The US Vs. Ghana match in 2014 drew over 11 million.31 national teams made it through the qualifiers to compete in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. More. World Cup 2014.When Gonzalo Jara cracked the final penalty against the post, the microblog chatter peaked at 389,000 tweets per minute 7,000 more than at the height of the Superbowl. World Cup NBA finals World Series Super Bowl.Winner takes all trumps best of sevens. World Cup only happens every four years. So, it, followed by the Super Bowl. World Cup has a bunch of losable games in the first round. The 201415 Luge World Cup is a multi race tournament over a season for luge organised by the FIL. The season started on 29 November 2014 in Igls, Austria and ended on 28 February 2015 in Sochi, Russia. Below is the schedule for the 2014/15 season. To put that into perspective, the prizemoney for winning the Superbowl is US8.5 million, while the ICC Cricket World Cup offers US10 million and UEFAsThose numbers eclipsed the audiences for both game seven of last years baseball World Series (23.5 million viewers) and the decider of 2014s Record Super Bowl viewers vs record World Cup viewers Wow. More than 20 million UK viewers tune in to see Germany beat Argentina in the World Cup final on Sunday.World Cup 2014: England v Italy match watched by 15m on UK TV. 2010 VIEWERS VIEWERS 10648 211 MILLION BILLION SUPER BOWL FOOTBALL UNIVERSE VEESE 2011 2014 VIEWERS VIEWERS 11130 320 BILLION MILLION SUPER BOWL Wow World cup > superbowl Meme. memes. . superbowls. You say the SuperBowl had only 90 million viewers last seasonthats rubbish, the Bowl had over 150 million viewers just in the US!!!!The super bowl involves domestic teams from the USA. The world cup involves nations from every corner of the globe. In this Storystream. Spain vs. Netherlands, 2014 World Cup: Champions destroyed. Spains loss was the most incomprehensible in World Cup history.View all 18 stories. So far, the 2014 World Cup is averaging 3.722 million viewers per match and a 2.3 household rating.6/15 Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina 4.68 million viewers. 6/16 Germany vs Portugal 2.67 million viewers. Thats according to new data released today by our friends at Unruly, which found the top 20 most shared World Cup commercials have already attracted almost a third more shares than the top 20 Super Bowl 2014 ads months after Super Bowl Sunday. The U.S. vs Portugal match scored more American viewers than basketball, more than baseballcan football be far behind?Fans gather in Grant Park to watch the U.S. play Portugal in a Group G World Cup soccer match on June 22, 2014 in Chicago. A Manchester City vs Chelsea league match got more views than Super Bowl.According to the FIFA, the 2014 World Cup Final in Football was watched by 3.2 Billion people in the world.In the US, the Superbowl gets far more viewers. But worldwide, the World Cup Final gets more. World Cup Final - Germany vs.

Argentina (07/13/14) (Univision ABC).2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil U.S. TV viewership selected games (in million viewers). FIFA world ranking of mens national soccer teams (as of February 15th, 2018). Check out how the NCAA Tournament, the Super Bowl, and the World Cup stack up belowCheck out Fortunes coverage of March Madness: During March Madness, viewers are mad to spend This is how much time we spend watching March Madness 3 leadership lessons from March Madness Guess 2014 World Cup Viewing Info. Host: Brazil.Spain vs. Netherlands (June 13). Andres Iniesta scored in the 116th minute as Spain edged the Netherlands 1-0 in extra time to win the World Cup four years ago. During the 2010 World Cup, query volume dipped during games as fans were focused on the big screen. Most search activity happened at the end of games on desktop, as you can see in the Spain vs. Netherlands World Cup match. Sundays FIFA World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina averaged an impressive 26.5 million viewers on ABC and Univision, according to Nielsen — surpassing the 24.7 million who watched the USA-Portugal match on June 22. Just one of the games—the match between the USA and Ghana, was watched by 11 million ESPN viewers, a new record for the channel. The final game of the Brazil World Cup 2014 will be watched by at least 1 billion people around the world. Take that, soccer skeptics! Last weeks blockbuster World Cup clash between the US and Germany was a record event for ESPNs online channel, WatchESPN, on a number of different counts. The sports behemoths online stream of the big match drew: A total of 3.2 million viewers during the entire The World Cup viewer base on the other hand, counts people from practically every country in the world.FIFA World Cup 2006 vs. World Cup 2010. World Cup vs. Super Bowl vs. Olympics: The pinnacle of sports? Team USA vs. Team Portugal topped the deciding NHL Stanley Cup game and NBA/MLB clinchers. Tony Maglio | Last Updated: July 16, 2014 4:20 PM.Game 5 of the NHL Stanley Cup, when the Los Angeles Kings raised the trophy, pulled in 6 million viewers on NBC. Also read: World Cup Visit Site View Image Report.

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