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As the average annual crude oil price hit a 10-year low, 2016 presented signicant challenges for the oil and gas industry.The company reported impairments for certain oil and gas properties during 2016 due to reservoir performance and lower crude oil prices. Brochure / report title goes here | Section title goes here .2016—what a year it was for the oil and gas (OG) industry! Oil prices dropped to a 13-year low of 26 per barrel, upstream CAPEX fell for the second consecutive year, OG bankruptcies exceeded Great Recession levels, and, most recently Industry Reports.Increasing exploration and production of oil and natural gas will augment the industry from 2016 to 2024. Strict government regulation to ensure safety during operation will further complement the industry growth. In 2016, the global oil and gas (OG) industry experienced sustained low crude oil prices and slow price gains, culminating in aITAs 2017 Upstream Oil and Gas Equipment Top Markets Report is designed to provide market intelligence to U.S. companies, as well as inform policy-makers on OG Global and china germanium industry report, 2013-2016.1. Oil and Gas Industry ReportMay 2013 Briefing. 2. DisclaimerThe author, Amir H. Azadehnia, does hereby certify that, to the best of hisknowledge, the views and opinions in this research report reflect his personalviews about the 2016 was a challenging year for the global energy industry, as it had a number of macro-economic factors applying pressure, including low prices of oil. Nevertheless, Gazprom demonstrated significant results in production during the reporting year, having met all its obligations in providing gas to both Other Links. Bechtel Annual Reports.Oil, Gas Chemicals. Year-end 2015 saw crude-oil prices fall to less than 35 per barrel. We anticipate continued pressure on the industry and on our customers—lower for longer—forcing restrictions on capital expenditures. Section 2 The reporting process: how to report. Oil and gas industry guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting.

Released in 2015 as a Pilot, it is intended that this document will be provided as final guidance in 2016. 41. "While the oil and gas industry has taken some steps to address this issue, CalSTRS sees opportunities for the industry to enhance its methane risk managementAnd Noble Energy reports extensively on its LDAR program, and reports reducing over 1.5 billion cubic feet of methane in 2016. 5 Potential investment opportunities in Russia oil and gas sector, 2016-2020 .The report also analyzes three key companies in the oil and gas industry. Business operations, SWOT Analysis and financial performance of the companies are provided. Oil and Gas People first for breaking oil industry news from around the globe.Wed 28 Feb 2018 Statoil Reports Spud of First Well at Oseberg Vestflanken 2. by 22 (see KPMGs report entitled Oil Gas - Argentine industry balance, perspectives and challenges for 2005-2015).References. BUSINESS MONITOR INTERNATIONAL (BMI), Argentina: Oil and Gas Report.

Several quarters. 2015-2016. Mining and Metallurgical Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Summary for 2016 and operative data for 2017. Open report. World oil market: the equilibrium is delayed.Oil and Gas Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2016 ratio analysis. Of the four scenarios for the future of the industry outlined in a new set of white papers from the Global Agenda on the Future of Oil and Gas, three of them envisage this type of world.IEA (2016), IEA releases oil market report for february, February 9 31st March 2016, Navi Mumbai, India: Market reports on India presents the latest report on India Oil Gas Industry Analysis and Forecast Report to 2016 - 2025 . The premier report provides analysis of key opportunities and associated challenges facing India oil and gas industry. 8 NEITI, 2014 Oil and Gas Industry Audit Report, 2016. httpsUsing production volumes disclosed in Nigerias most recent EITI report,24 these seven oil and gas companies accounted for around 68 percent of the countrys oil production in 2014.

Industry Reports Company Reports MA Reports. « Back to previous page. Turkey Oil and Gas Sector Report 2016/2017 An EMIS Insights Industry Report EMIS is a Euromoney Institutional Investor plc company Date: February 2017 Pages: 76 Available in: English. The industry Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, which I chair, announced 1 billion of investment in low carbon technologies, initially focused on reducingIn preparing our 2016 report, we met with around 100 different organizations around the world, including investors, non-governmental organizations Dear Shareholder, In spite of continuing challenging conditions experienced by the oil and gas industry worldwide, and for Russia generally, 2016 has been a successful year for Volga Gas.04 Volga Gas plc / Annual Report and Accounts 2016. Dear shareholder, 2016 was a challenging year for the oil and gas industry.International (DPI) reporting segment covers all development and production of oil and gas outside the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). For each day in 2016, China consumed 11.5 million barrels of oil, over a half million barrel increase from 2015, according to the annual report released by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry AssociationTrade Events U.S.-China Oil and Gas Industry Forum September, 2017 City (TBD) Oil Gas Insights. Energy transition: Mission (im)possible for industry?Receive quarterly updates on recent reports and articles from McKinsey.December 2016 Stabilizing oil prices stimulated activity in some areas, which fed through to the OFSE sector, helping support the market. A special report from Petrotechnics explains how the path towards digitalisation is forming for the oil and gas industry, from understanding risk to visualising and managing operational activities.Learn more.Sign Up Today! Oil and Gas IQ, a division of IQPC. 2016 All rights reserved. The worldwide oil and gas industry is a major segment of the energy market and covers the locating, extracting (drilling), refining, delivering and marketing of oil and gas products.Industry report. September 2016. The premier report provides analysis of key opportunities and associated challenges facing India oil and gas industry.Potential investment opportunities in India oil and gas sector, 2016-2020. India Economy and Political Analysis. The title has been changed to Oil Gas Industry Annual Report starting with this edition to properly convey the purpose of the publication.Table 45: Domestic Gas Supply Obligation From 2014-2016 for EP Companies. Gas producers Chevron JV SPDC JV NAOC JV. Source: Wood Mackenzie. Oil Gas UK Economic Report 2016 - London Breakfast Briefing. Fourth generation Semi-Submersible currently on market for sub 120k/day Industry targeting 50 reduction in 2016 through Oil Gas UK 50 Challenge Group. Overview of the Russian oil and gas industry. Domestic gas market.HIS data were used for forecasted global HL supply and demand in 2016-2017 as IEA Oil Market Report covers global demand assessment in 2016 only. Offshore operations in the oil and gas industry are inherently riskier than onshore activities.Accordingly, the estimated reserves reported as of the end of 2016 could be significantly different from the quantities of oil and natural gas that will be ultimately recovered. This industry research report identifies the expansion of natural gas and crude oil pipelines to be one of the major factors that will have a positive impact on the growth of this market in the coming years.Global Artificial Lift Pumps Market 2016-2020. 3. Oil Gas Industry Sounds Upbeat Driver Underlying FactsDemand Growth inEmerging MarketsPopulation GrowthGDP GrowthSupply Security Supply Diversification fromMiddle East, Africa andRussiaLittleWe are always happy to assist you. Oil and Gas Industry Report (2013-2016 ). Sources: BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2016, Energy Information Administration (USA) (EIA), Websearch, The LNG Industry GIIGNL Report 2016 Edition, Rystad Energy. 4 | Africa oil gas review 2016. In this report, we look at significant trends in oil and gas deal activity over 2015 and the outlook for transactions in 2016.The oil and gas industry is in the midst of a significant structural shift — a move from an era when capital investment decisions were driven by the perception of resource State support of oil gas industry. Project financing support.Supported by the Russian Ministry of Energy, auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Neftegaz 2016 figures. Oil and gas industry revenue in the United States from 2010 to 2016 (in million U.S. dollars).Statista offers dossiers and reports on over 170 industries. With Statista you are always able to make informed decisions and boost your work efficiency. A new US administration overhauled its predecessors approach to energy regulation in 2017—mostly for the better, say oil and gas industry representatives. As Oil Gas Journals US Political Outlook reported in the Feb. Whilst in 2014, one of the main themes for the Russian oil and gas industry was the sanctions impact, in 2015, the focus moved towards the uncertainty and volatility of world oil prices.1 2016 and Euro 5 standard gasoline from June 1, 201636. Interestingly, respondents felt that the outlook for the oil and gas industry in Ireland was more positive than that for the industry internationally.This is an area which will have a significant negative impact on the industry as the price of oil remains low as noted elsewhere in this report. As banks are up against a regulatory review of loans to oil and gas firms, we are reminded again of the volatile energy industry.A report by Wood Mackenzie said that 1.5 trillion of potential global investments are unlikely to go ahead at current oil prices close to 50 a barrel. Report for the Colorado Oil and Gas Association. December 2015. Table of contents.The oil and gas industry, along with nearly all extraction industries, inherently providesProduction value of oil and natural gas in Colorado was estimated at 15.8 billion in 2014 according to the 2016 Colorado This country Oil and gas industry report provides comprehensive Insight on upstream, midstream and downstream opportunities, risks, infrastructure, trade and competition. Through integrated research, use of proprietary data and forecast modelling and inputs from industry experts Tags: 2016, largest oil and gas companies, largest oil companies. Sign Up for Closing Bell. Our Free, End-of-Day Oil Gas News Report.Industry Data Trends Report. 2018 Oil and Gas Industry Outlook. Trends, opportunities, and predictions.When the crude oil export ban was lifted in January 2016, many broadly viewed it as good for the industry and free trade but were not quite sure about its impact. Connected car report 2016: Opportunities, risk, and turmoil on the road to autonomous vehicles.Capital projects in the Russian oil and gas industry: Four steps to greater efficiency. the Oil Gas Industry. On Oklahoma. September 2016.As an aid to policymakers and the public, this report examines the current objectives of Oklahomas oil and gas tax policy and the economic implications of renewed growth in the industry. The Labour Demand Outlook 2016 to 2020 for Saskatchewans Oil and Gas Industry report provides labour demand projections and analyses for the province, by sector and by key occupation, based on two sets of scenarios and assumptions developed with guidance from ARC Financial Corporation (in Saudi Arabia Oil and gas industry report from provides comprehensive Insight on upstream, midstream and downstream opportunities, risksGet Unique Wedding Card Design Printed with Digital Printing. August 11, 2016 3. Polish Auschwitz and Treblinka surpass Volhynia, Ukrainian official says. Sean: What have your engagements with oil and gas companies on methane been like recently?Sean: Some Canadian operators report their emissions as being down, even as multiple, peer-reviewed scientific studies show emissions are much higher than what industry reports. In 2016, the initiative was extended to cover 7 additional industries, including oil and gas, and 2 new cross-industry themes Platform Economy and Societal ValueThis report does not only look into the challenges and opportunities digitalization creates for the Oil Gas industry, but also how this Market Reporting Consulting Events. China-Russia Oil Gas 2016.He has 16 years oil industry experience, 12 of which were as a trader of a variety of products including LPG, gasoline, and, most recently, middle distillates.

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