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As many of you know, H1B Visa quota for this year, which is FY 2015 was completed in the first few days of the start date.September 15, 2014 09:45:42 CST Reply. kamalraj. looking for h1b sponsorship. please contact. 2. Your employer must give a notice about the H1B visa filing to the workers on or within 30 days before the date the employers immigration attorney files the Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor (DOL). H1-B visa application Date. Hi, I am working for a company now and they want to sponsor me on a H1-B visa. I am on a F1 visa and on my OPT till February 2005. Have they started taking in applications or they dont take it till October 1 , 2004 ? The only information anyone can find out on the status of your application is the filing date, the approximate time frame for the approval. Following are the BCIS service center telephone numbers to find out your H1B visa application status. For instance, H-1B visa applications that count against the FY 2013 cap were submitted starting Monday, 2012 April 2. USCIS accepts H-1B visa applications no more than 6 months in advance of the requested start date.[21] Beneficiaries not subject to the annual cap are those who currently hold January 15, 2014Visa Infoh-1b, h1b, uscis, visa application, visa fees, visa sponsorshipTheVisaCoach.Ultimately none of it is good for the US although depending on who you listen to the H-1B visa might be the scourge of America. Petitions Nov 8, 2017 USCIS has announced the dates for accepting petitions for H1-B visa for the fiscal year 2019. Jan 22, 2018 H1B application dates open April 2, 2018 for employers with the lottery cap being 85000 applications, first applicants likely to get priority. reach us on app store.

The move could directly stop hundreds of thousands of foreign workers from keeping their H-1B visas while their green card applications are pending. On Monday, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that the number of H-1B applications fell below 200,000 this year for the first time since 2014.Related: H-1B visa applications hit cap in 4 days. Applying for H1B Visa 2015? Watch this video to learn about the following topics. H1B Application accepted by USCIS - april 1, 2014 H1B Start Date - Octover 1, 2014 ( and later) Approval Time : 2 to 3 months for Regular Processing 15 days for premium processing. applicable) City Where Visa was Issued (if applicable) Date Issued (Day/Mo/Yr) (if applicable) Address While in the United StatesAll Rights Reserved.2 hrs ago visa renewal/application-.com/i94-form 3/10/2011 .3 days ago Please help. may also be stamped by the CBP officer. H-1B workers can extend their visas if they are the beneficiaries of an approved Immigrant Worker Petition (I-140) and they cannot file a green card or permanent residency application because their priority date is not current. Learn about H1B Visa 2015 ( October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015). In this set of slides you can find information about. - Important Dates ( Start Date for H1B) - H1B Visa Cap Count - Processing Times - When to start working - Frequently Asked questions H1B Visa 2014 Start Date with 3 Examples.

Raghuram Sukumar Mar 4, 2013 H1 B Visa 12 Comments.USCIS will start accepting H1B Visa FY 2014 application from April 1, 2013. The official H1B Visa filing dates 2014 starts on April 1, 2013. H1B Visa 2014 Cap Count Starts from April 1st 2013 (Monday). For H1B Visa 2014 Cap there are 65,000 visas available in General Quota and 20,000 visas available in Advanced degree quota.Cap Eligible Petitions. Date of Last Count. Here is a summary of past years H1B Visa Quotas and the dates they were filled236,000 H-1B Visa Applications Received by USCIS.FY 2014 H1B Visa Cap / Quota: Regular H-1B Visa cap of 65,000 reached on April 5, 2013 (5 days). The department typically begins accepting the applications of US H1B visa for the next fiscal year starting April 1, 2014. Also, one other rule is that the applicant company cannot file the US H 1B visa application six months in advance of the employment start date requested for the beneficiary. Last year, over 124,000 H1B visas where submitted to US CIS in the first week of April 2013.Therefore, it is quite possible that there will be a higher rejection percentage of H1B applications filed in April 2014. These visa applications must be sponsored by employers. Since there are more applicants than the number of visas, the visas get allotted through a lottery.2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 February 2015 January 2015 December 2014 November 2014 October 2014 For the fiscal year 2014, the cap was 65,000. However, the quota only applies to new H-1B applications, and does not apply to H-1B statusThe applicant can then bring this information with them to the visa interview. How long before my planned travel date should I apply for a visa? L-1 Visa Intracompany Transfer Visa.

Fianc(e) Visa Application (Form I-129F). I Want to Sponsor My Relative. Follow-to-Join Application (Form I-824).Most of the H-1B petitions are likely to be filed between 1st April and 5th April and the USCIS will notify the public, the date on which the cap Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application (DS-160).Even if someone else helped you complete the application, you (the applicant) must click the Sign Application button, or your application may not be accepted. My H1B visa expired without travelling to USA.My sponsor was Employer X in India and now I am not working with them and working in different employer Y now inIts not easy to answer any of your question if you do not provide any associated dates USCIS will begin accepting H1B visa applications on April 1, 2015 for an employment start date of October 1, 2015, marking the beginning of the 2016 fiscal year. It is recommended to send applications In fiscal year 2014, USCIS approved 315,857 H-1B visa petitions. 124,326 of the petitions were for initial employment(68,390 aliens were outside US, 55,936 inside US) and 191,531 were for Continuing Employment.The following table lists the H1-B Visa Cap Reach Dates since fiscal year 2003. USCIS starts accepting applications for H-1B Visa 2014 from this April. Here are some FAQs which explains the H-1B process and other questions you might have. When can I file H-1B Visa? The H-1B quota opens every year on the 1st Of April. Learn about the possible implications of filing for permanent resident status after the expiration of your H-1B visa.You mail your I-485 to USCIS on September 1, 2014, and USCIS receives your application on September 5, 2014. Only 65,000 visas are issued every year (known as H1B Cap) during the government fiscal year which runs from October 1st, to September 30th each year.There are no more H1B cap subject applications available for FY 2014. The Application Final Action Dates (consistent with previous Visa Bulletins) and. The Dates for Filing Applications chart indicating when immigrant visa applicants should be notified to assemble and submit required documentation to the National Visa Center. The application should be complete and ready to file so that USCIS receives it on April 1st. Download Free H-1B Visa 2This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page.Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. The United States of America can begin acceptive applications for H-1B work visas for the commercial enterprise 2018 from April three amid the Dates. H1B Visa Application Activity. January.15th 31st. Secure all the required documents for filing the H1B visa application. Typical set of documents you would need are transcripts, degree certificates, experience letters, etc. The applications are for the Fiscal Year 2014, which starts from October 1st 2013 and ends September 30th 2014.H-1B VISA 2014 QUOTA. The current H-1B Visa Cap is 65,000 visa cap each year, with an additional of 20,000 visas dedicated for masters category applicants. Search H1B visa salary records by employer, job title, or location.Search H1B Salary Data. All Years 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016.A certified Labor Condition Application (ETA Form 9035), is a prerequisite to H1B approval. If you are the beneficiary of an approved H-1B petition with a start date of October 1, 2014 you may now file your visa application at a U.S. consulate or embassy. U.S. consulates and embassies are authorized to accept H-1B visa petitions and issue visas to qualified applicants up to 90 days in On April 1st, 2015, the U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS) will start accepting applications for H-1B Visas.The 2014 H-1B quota was reached after only a few short days after opening. H-1B Visa Information For FY2015. Date: April 7, 2014 Author: admin. Every year, thousands of hopeful skilled workers hold their breaths for the H-1B visa process starting April 1st of every year. For your Visa Application Centre appointment, you will need to bring: A passport valid for travel to the United States with validity dates at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States (unless country-specific agreements provide exemptions). Please check back frequently as we will update this guide with any program changes, new requirements or news that might affect your visa application.In other words, your H1B visa is not valid for working in the US until that date, even if you are in the country before then. The H1B application process can begin once you have secured a U.S. employer. We offer a free consultation on H1B visa cases and a competitive filing fee!Be sure the employment letter includes the positions exact duties, dates of employment, detailed description, salary offered, position Professional Work Visa H-1B and E-3 Application Guide Package. Start Application immediately. Avoid mistakes: Easy step-by-step instructions.Cardholder Name. Expiration Date. The applicants valid passport. A completed DS-160 application barcode. A visa fee receipt (with both copies) for the present visa application fee.Consular Exchange Rate: 65.00 INR 1 USD Expiration Date: 09/01/2014. Category. Amount In Rs. I would like to share my H1B1(US work visa) application experience now that ive landed myself a work visa in California as a software engineer. Im a Singapore citizen and have not previously been to USA except for a prior business/vacation trip in May 2014. H1 Visa application Date (Apr 1st 2013) is approaching soon for the H1B Visa Quota 2014. You can send the documents to USCIS April 1st on wards. Any documents sent prior to that date with be considered for previous year Quota. For instance, H-1B visa applications that count against the FY 2013 cap could be submitted starting from Monday, 2012 April 2. USCIS accepts H-1B visa applications no more than 6 months in advance of the requested start date.[8] Beneficiaries not subject to the annual cap are those who Applications for the coveted H-1B work visas saw a decline for the first time since 2014, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced amid a move to tighten rules that allow skilled workers, especially from India, to seek employment in the US. Dear Visa Officer, My name is XXXXX and I am an Indian Citizen working in United States on H1B visa.Thank you for your time and kind consideration of the attached visa application.call any one of the agent and just say the sample dates and get the itinerary. Employment Verification Letter: On department letterhead, your department should write a brief letter that includes your name, position, employment dates and a brief job description.Visa Fees: The H-1B visa application fee is 190. Date for Filing Visa Application.But as my H1B is maxing out in June, 2014 both of us might have to return to India in June in case I dont get my PERM approved by then (my priority date is Sept 6 2013). About the H1B Visa. An H1B visa is an employment-based visa that is issued for eligible and qualified temporary workers.Applicants who are unable to meet any of these criteria will not be eligible for the H1B visa. Start Application.

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