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Ife "Love". Mert ekert "Lover of silence". Ojufemi "Beloved of the gods".Cheryll "Dear one, darling". Danylynn "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved." Darla "From Old English "dearling", darling". Whether youre having a boy or a girl, our list of baby names that mean love or are inspired by love will give you the perfect name for your new little one! Boys Names. Amadeo: Italian in origin lover of God. Prasad: This name has various meanings and one meaning is blessing of God. Durgadatt: A Hindu name which has the meaning blessing of Goddess Durga.Joindah: Another sweet name for your little girl that means blessings of god. (2) Apollo: (male) Meaning God of music and poetry, this Greek name is a strong choice for a baby boy.Its gender bending, so you can consider it for your baby boy or girl. (25) Lyric: (female) Lyric is Greek for melodic word. While it is obvious, I love this name! Whether youre having a boy or a girl, our list of baby names that mean love or are inspired by love will give you the perfect name for your new little one! Boys Names. Amadeo: Italian in origin lover of God. Pretty popular in recent years, Ariel is a cute name that means altar light or lion of God.Of Hebrew descent, this lovely lengthier girls name means daughter of an oath.If you have Hope in the Bible, then youll love this Old English name meaning expectation belief. The love of thunder God, mother of Bishop. Trana. A bird or a sorceress.

Valdis. An Old Norse name, meaning goddess of the dead. I am looking for a name for boy/girl that means God is generous. I would love any suggestions at this point. ) Tahra.

As for names that mean gift from God, here are a few: Jonathan means Gods precious gift Dorothy is originally Greek and means Gift of God. 13. Freya Freya doesnt mean love, but it is the name of the Norse goddess of love and fertility, so theres the tie-in. This name was on my favorites list for a little girl. 14. Gerwyn A Welch name meaning fair love perfect for your little love bug. Bella Latin for promise of god or Italian and Latin words for beauty.Which could mean anything from wealthy in love, beauty, or eventually even money. Hadassah (bible girl names) If youre looking for biblical names for girls, Hadassah is a beautiful biblical name that means compassion. Hindu Goddess Names. Baby Names By Meaning. Year wise Top 100 Names. Spiritual Names for Boys.Angel, Variation of anaitis, The Persian Goddess of Love. 1. girl. Thuveni Girl African name, meaning: the lover. Tivon Boy Honorable, Form of Timothy, Honoring God, Hebrew origin, meaning: nature lovers.Vallabh BoyBeloved, Dear, Indian name, meaning: the lover, love. Girls names that mean to heal - posted in Baby Names: Hi, I have our daughters names sorted except still unsure about her first middle name.Names That Mean Healer. AURA: Greek name meaning soft breeze, and Latin name meaning gold. No Preference Boy Names Girl Names Unisex Names.Loved God. Italian. Not Rated. Amadeo. Male. Loves God. Spanish. Not Rated. Amadeus. Male. love of god. Latin-America. Chandrachuda Rhyming, similar names and popularity. Heres a list of words you may be looking for. Search through thousands of Names that mean love - Meaning of Names is the place to come for the best resources for Names that mean love Names that We have a list of 60 baby names that mean love for baby boys and girls. If you need help picking out the perfect baby name, consider some of the many options on this list.In myths, Kama is the son of Lakshmi. It is the name of the God of love. 27. Erasmus. Greek for mutual love and Latin for brother of Eros (the Greek god of love), this name describes a particular strand of loveThe one girl who would draw and talk about them frequently, maybe even took riding lessons?Philip is a name of Greek origin that means horse loving or fond of horses. Video. Contributors. Stuff We Love.From Ona to Ottavia, weve got hundreds of baby girl names that start with the letter O and are anything but ordinary.Arabic: Mother, people, nation. German: Grandmother, probably derived from the Latin meaning.Hebrew: Gracious gift of God. Baby names that mean love - for more names: wwwGirl Names That Mean Heaven submited images.Baby Girl Name: Azrielle. Meaning: God is My Help. Origin Amadeo- This is an Italian name that means "loved God".Blossom- Flowers are one thing every girl wants for Valentines Day, why not name your little girl this English name that means "lovely, flower-like". The name consummately portrays what a sentimental infant kid name ought to be as Eros was the devious God of adoration and the child of Goddess Aphrodite. Girl Names That Mean Love These meaningful baby girl names translate to happiness, love, light, wisdom and more.Baby Girl Names That Mean Wild for a Spitfire in the Making PREVIOUS STORY Baby Names Inspired by Real Princesses NEXT STORY. Greek God Names M-R. Momus - (a.k.a. Book Excerpts What does my name mean and how does a name influence a persons character? The name for God meaning "strength, might, or power." support security. Amatul Wadud Amatul Wadud is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means servant of the Loving One, which means servant of Allah as al-Wadud is one of the names of God. Looking for names that mean Love? We couldnt find the exact name Love, but listed below are some first names meaning Love or namesPhilomina (Greek) Greatly Loved. Philothea (Greek) Lover of God. Philyra (Greek) To Love Music.Baby Name Meanings. Names by Gender. Baby Girl Names. Unique boy names that mean love and popular girl names meaning love. Angels names,God Angel name,Guide/Guardian Angels can help you find your soul mate love,72 angels names, love match by angelic powers, spiritual teachings Names may be associated with a word, eg. 25. Gavriila means Warrior of God. 26. Inna means Strong water. 27. Iolanta means Violet flower. 28. Irina means Peace.40. Liouba means Love. Peculiar Russian Girl Names. 41. Manya means Rebellion. 42. Marfa means Lady, Mistress. Emily is basically a Latin name with a deep meaning called Hardworking and Generous. Your girl will love this name.28. Michelle: Well it is a famous French name that is used in many countries. Basically it means the devotee of God. Love the list Baby Names That Mean Love.Recent User Lists. Dope ass names. Boy. "A" names for girls. 52 Last Names as First Names. Baby names Baby Names Book Baby names that mean gift.From sassy to sweet, gift names suit any baby girl. We love Isadora and Eleadora as kicky alternatives to the chart toppers Isabella and Eleanor. Does anybody happen to know of any girl names that mean sun or sunshine or something similiar?Eliana May also be related to the Greek "elios" meaning "god of the sun" and the name may thus mean "daughter of the sun"I Love the name Soleil. If you love blessing / blessed names for your baby boys or girls name, here are the complete ones11. ATARET: in Biblical, it means crown, blessed. 12.

ATAULLAH: in Arabian, it means God bless. Christian Baby Girl Names Bible Names For Girls Baby Girl Names Biblical Hebrew Girl Names Girls Names And Meanings Bible Baby Names Girl Names With MeaningThese are the Black family names. I also love Kingsley which was from one of the ministry order of Phoenix members. See More. My cousin is having a baby girl and she wants to know if there are any cute girl names that mean gift from god.But I love the meaning, "Gift of God". I think the meaning of names are very important. Want to name your baby with a moniker that honors Cupid, the God of love? Check MomJunctions list of popular baby names that mean love!It is a beautiful name for your lovely baby girl. 17. Freya: It is a variant of the name Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and fertility. In this ListNames Meaning Lover for BoysBaby Names Meaning God of lovePlease take inspiration from these gorgeous boy and girl names to find your own love-ly name. Names For Girls That Mean LoveBaby names that mean love - for more names: wwwBaby Girl Name: Azrielle. Meaning: God is My Help. Origin Female Names That Mean "Love" Danylynn "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved." Discover the wealth of meaning behind a name, in this unique collection of stories. God of evil, his name means "August Star of Heaven". Top 15 Christian Baby Girl Names From The Bible. The Hebrew meaning for each name is listed along with information about any biblical characters with that name. You might also like: Hebrew Names for Girls (G-K), HebrewAdiya - Adiya means "Gods treasure, Gods ornament." Adva - Adva means "small wave, ripple." Ahava - Ahava means "love." We adore these sweet baby names that mean love. Girls. Amara Rooted in Greek, this elegant and regal name rolls off the tongue.But no matter how you spell it, they all mean beloved. Aphrodite In Greek mythology, shes the goddess of love. Love Names, Romance Names Names that mean ardor, love, passion, romance.In Roman mythology, this is the name of a god of love, the son of Venus. He is also known as Amor, " love."Girl Names A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z Boy Names A, B Here are examples of baby girl names that mean love in different languages. Tesia. Polish. loved by God. Trudy.Egyptian. the goddess of love and joy. Habiba. Muslim. Female Names That Mean "Beautiful" or "lovely", Eiliyah "The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with god"Meaning of SANSKRIT GIRL NAMES Starting from I Freya Freya doesnt mean love, but it is the name of the Norse goddess of love and fertility, so theres the tie-in. Take a look at these 17 baby names that actually mean love or loved, and let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite.Norse cultures have passed the name of this Scandinavian goddess of love, fertility, and beauty to their little girls. Ysabelle is an Italian mean which means consecrated to God. Numerology says that the people with this name tend to be more compassionate and loving in nature.If you wish your baby girl to grow into a strong woman, name her Qadriyyah, which means that. It means God has answered. The number of parents who choose this name is increasing. It is a name that is derived from Hebrew.It is one the most famous names known in the Arab world. It means night and the beauty associated to it. It is preferable to girls who love spending a good time at time For baby girls. Amia A pretty English name that translates to beloved. Freya The name owes its origin to the Scandinivian Goddess of Love.Medad It has Welsh origins and it means water of love. Manasij Manasij is God of love in India. View C names and names starting with the letter C. Learn the meaning and Irish history for baby names that start with C for a boy or girl. We do love to give our little girls names meaning lovely or names meaning pretty, thats true!Deolinda: Portuguese name meaning Beautiful God. Abila: Arabic name that means to be beautiful. If you are considering a girl name that means beautiful or pretty, you could check out this huge collection of girl names.Etain: In the Irish myth of "The Wooing of Etain", Etain is a beautiful woman loved by the god Midir the Proud.

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