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Now you might be wondering why youd want to add Facebook comments to your blog, if youre already using the default WordPress comments and theyre working quite well, thank you very much. Placing Facebook comment form on WordPress blogs is possible without having to install any plugin. I added the Facebook comment form under the blog posts at without using any plugin. You too can. Just follow me through the steps below. Now choose your Comment Box Width size and Number of Comments to show option and click on the Save Changes option. Now you have option to Facebook comment in your Blog Post. Hope you like my post.How to add Facebook comments to WordPress. This is an updated version of our previous tutorial on adding Facebook comments to your website. Facebooks social plugin, Comments, allows you to quickly add comments to your website.Dynamic Comments (WordPress example) Where you should add this code depends on how your comments.php template is coded and whether you want Facebook comments to appear above or below WordPress comments. How about you, does your Facebook page has high exposure, are your people more engaged in Facebook then why not add Facebook comments to your wordpress site. Now go to Facebook Social Comments site. Fill up the URL where you want to put your comment box to. Enter the number of Default comments to be shown and finally enter the width of the comments box.How to Implement the Comments Box on WordPress If you want to integrate your comments plugin into a WordPress blog, AND take advantage of all of the features that the new Facebook commenting system offers, then youll have to do a bit more than add just one line of code to a page. The simple 3-step process below is the best way to manually add Facebook Comments to your WordPress website without using a plugin. Why is it better to manually install Facebook Comments rather than use a plugin? WordPress does provide a default comments system. However, many people find the default comments to be limited and hard to manage.

Login to your WordPress site. Go to Plugins > Add new and search for " Facebook Comments". Bugfix: Users should no longer see "Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WPError as array in wp-content/plugins/facebook-comments-for-wordpress/ facebook-comments-admin.php on line 71".Simply add the following code where youd like the comments to show up:

How to Add Facebook comment plugin to wordpress ! Indiblogger TestimonialPerceive Technology. Adding Facebook comments allows the user to comment on your blog using his Facebook account.But, for the sake of argument, lets look at the pros of adding Facebook comments to your WordPress site. In other words, you wont be able to add Facebook comments to all of your WordPress post or page together in one go. Its actually kind of a hassle if your WordPress website has a lot of posts and pages. Facebook comments are the cleanest and most exciting way to manage comments on your blog today. Read on if youd like to know how to add Facebook comments to your self-hosted WordPress blog. No need to manually add new posts you create everyday in Facebook as there are plugins here which will auto add new posts to any Facebook page, post or wall easily. Facebook comment system are very popular in WordPress as they have little to no spam and a good medium for your visitors to Before we move on to how to add Facebook Comment to your WordPress website, you will require a bit of pre-configuration. To configure your WordPress website, simply navigate to settings from your Facebook Dashboard and click on Add Platform. The easiest way to add Facebook like button to WordPress blog is to use plugins. Steps below show how to install and activate Facebook Button by BestWebSoft pluginClick here to post a comment. Im currently trying to sync facebook comments with wordpress comments while also adding a custom meta to each comment upon saving in the database.In other words: will my olde(er) WP comments still display if I switch to this FB comment code? Reply. canvas url in facebook means? what i will do it now? how to add facebook comment to above url blog? please help me. am facebook and wordpress newb If there was one feature that I would add to the Facebook comments plugin, it would be the ability to import FB comments into your WordPress database.But for me it finally came down to WP being the best content creation engine, and FB being the New Town Square with the way widest reach. Introducing Facebook Comments. So how do you add Facebook commenting to your website you ask?Facebook Comments WordPress, as the name implies, is a WordPress comments plugin thats integrated with Facebook. So before you can add Facebook comments to your WordPress blog, you need to prepare yourself for a little bit of coding, in PHP.These two files can be located in your current theme folder (/blog/wp -content/themes/yourtheme). The Facebook Comments WordPress plugin makes it easier for you to setup, administer and customise Facebook comments from your WordPress site.Sorted bug fix not displaying comments to some people. 1.2.4. Added language option. Are you looking to add Facebook comments on your WordPress site? Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Thats why top sites like TechCrunch use the Facebook comment system instead of the default WordPress comments. And if you want a lighter weight version of the same concept, Facebook Pixel Manager is another good option. If you have any other questions about how to add Facebook Pixel to WordPress, leave them in the comments and Ill try to help you out. Adding facebook commenting to your website is more important for gathering visitor engagement throughout your contents.How I enable facebook comment box at my wordpress website? Follow the step by step instruction bellow. Tutorial for Adding Facebook Comments to WordPress Without a Plugin. Posted on 2016-04-272017-06-29 by Mukesh M. There are two ways of doing it . 1) Using WordPress plugins There are two popular WP plugins which does this task for you.Conclusion. Adding Facebook comments to your WordPress blog is easy and hardly takes few minutes to set it up. Well, here are some reasons. To begin with, integrating Facebook to your WordPress website greatly increases the visibility of your site.Irrespective of whether you are adding the Facebook comments feature manually or using a plugin, you will need to have a Facebook app. Adding Facebook comments to your website could make it more engaging and increase the amount of traffic you get from the site.How to Add a News Ticker to WordPress: Ditty News Ticker GIG: WordPress Theme for Band Members. This interesting feature of facebook that will allow you to add Facebook comment to wordpress is actually nice to implement, but I decide not to use it or apply it in this blog, and I will tell you why later on You can capitalize on this by adding Facebook comments to your WordPress site.Next fill in the desired app name and your contact email, when done press the Create App ID button. Why Add Facebook Comments to WordPress? Using Facebook comments on your website automatically increases your websites visibility on the social network. When users comment, they can choose to share it to their profile which is further publicity. In Facebook Commenting Comments load through an iframe from facebook server, not stored on your webserver.Modify Your Theme. Step-1. Now, You need to add Facebook App ID to your header.php file. canvas url in facebook means? what i will do it now? how to add facebook comment to above url blog?Instead, you can use the official Facebook plugin for WordPress. It will replace default WordPress comments with the Facebook comment box. Therefore, to enable you add facebook comment to your own WordPress blog without stress here are the steps to follow. Log in to FACEBOOK DEVELOPER here and get a facebook Application ID. Add New to add a new plugin. Search for Facebook Comments and Install the application Facebook Comments for WordPress. You can add up new Facebook comment box instead of default comment box in just a few simple steps. Go to Facebook comments social Plugin Page.

Adding Facebook comment box via WordPress plugin. Adding Facebook Comments to your WordPress blog: 1- You will need to edit your theme, and for this purpose you can either use FTP and editing the theme files with a good code editor. Or else you can also use default theme editor of the wordpress blog.

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