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President Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night for an interview and evidently also for some mean tweets. Based on what I see on Twitter every day, Kimmels staff must have had to work very hard to find mean tweets that were also somewhat funny. President Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night to read mean tweets aimed at him, according to the New York Daily News.Barack Obama dances like how his jeans look, someone tweeted. (Thanks, Obama!) But the president isnt about to let the haters get him down, as he proved by reading a few mean tweets about himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night. When Barack Obama agreed to read a series of mean tweets on Mondays Jimmy Kimmel Live, he probably didnt expect one of them to be from presidential candidate Donald Trump. VIDEOSSamantha Bee Condemns Catholic Hospitals for Abortion Stance: How Can Suffering Mean So Little to You?. The President of the United States addressed his critics during a skit on the late night show. 25 (UPI) -- President Barack Obama confronted some of his haters on Twitter -- including Donald Trump -- by reading some of their mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday. 24) for the second time, he went on the ABC talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live and read mean tweets about himself, including one from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Watch to the end for Obamas dig back at The Donald. President Obama responds to "Mean Tweets," including one comparing him to the Sharknado movies. The President of the United States follows in the footsteps of Benedict Cumberbatch and Britney Spears, reading out nasty statements people have shared about him on social media. Watch Obama read some of Twitters unfiltered thoughts about his job performance, AFTER THE JUMP The Commander in Chief himself stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! yesterday and took part in a special presidential edition of Mean Tweets. As Jimmy Kimmel says in his latest installment of "Mean Tweets," presidents are people too. Which is why this special President Obama Edition of "Mean Tweets" is so incredibly funny, and more than a little awkward. With just two weeks to go until the US election, the president returns to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to reprise his role in the shows classic segment: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves. Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube.

He began with a mean tweet that called him the "Nickelback of presidents." Then, he read from Twitter users with fast food on the mind. The tweets said things like, "Obama couldnt negotiate getting a Whopper without pickles Appearing for the second time on the late-night ABC show, President Barack Obama discussed the infamous Donald Trump tape on Mondays Jimmy Kimmel Live.Obama also revisited the special presidential edition of Kimmels "Mean Tweets" ahead of the appearance. Mean Tweets - President Obama Edition.President Obama says the day when hell have to go through a metal detector will never come. Connect with Jimmy Kimmel Live Online: Visit the Jimmy Kimmel Last year, President Obama went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and faced the harsh world of the internet by reading some mean tweets. This year, Obama came back for more, but this time he was well prepared. The tweets addressed Obamas graying hair, his jeans, and of course With the end of his presidency in sight, Barack Obama returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday to take advantage of one of his last chances to read " mean tweets" as Commander-in-Chief. President Barack Obama came back for a second round of abuse when he did Jimmy Kimmels classic "Mean Tweets" segment on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Monday night. They may not be the worst things said about the Democratic president Barack Obama is still in the midst of his final presidential victory lap, which means that Monday night he headed over to Jimmy Kimmel to tackle another round of Mean Tweets.Jimmy Kimmel Live. Stuff. On Thursday nights episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, President Obama read Mean Tweets about himself, and it was truly everything I ever dreamed of. It was a perfect mix of Obama being both his hilarious and classy self The president appeared on ABCs "Jimmy Kimmel Live" during the middle of his three-day visit to Nevada and California, where he is campaigning and raisingKimmel routinely has celebrities read some of the mean tweets sent their way.

Another person asked: "Barack Obama, bro do you even lift?" Mean Tweets Oscars Edition - Продолжительность: 2:19 Jimmy Kimmel Live 11 045 910 просмотров.Jimmy Kimmel Asks President Barack Obama About His Daily Life - Продолжительность: 2:44 Jimmy Kimmel Live 14 270 895 просмотров. President Obama only has a few months left in office, but he still gets his fair share of criticism, a lot of it flung from dark corners of social media. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the president gamely sat down for the last time as president for the shows recurring segment, Mean Tweets. 24, 2016: President Barack Obama talks with Jimmy Kimmel in between taping segments of Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the El Capitan Entertainment Center in Los Angeles.Kimmel routinely has celebrities read some of the mean tweets sent their way. Barack Obama, fresh off some job training with Stephen Colbert, visited Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night and took part in his second ever "Mean Tweets" segment. A few of the insults Obama read out loud Always out to prove hes the president most worthy of being called someones cool dad (like when he danced to "Hotline Bling" or shared a solid workout playlist), President Barack Obama stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday to do his own "Mean Tweets" segment. WATCH Obama Reads Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live.Obama and Kimmel had an exchange about the president getting woken up in the middle of the night, which Obama intimated is an infrequent occurrence. President Barack Obama reads his Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live!"Obamas hair is looking grayer these days," he read as R.E.M.s "Everybody Hurts" played in the background. "Cant imagine why since he doesnt seem to be one bit worried about all thats going on." Major celebrities in Hollywood have been asked to read mean tweets about themselves while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but on the March 12 episode, Jimmy upped the ante and had Barack Obama take a turn. US President Barack Obama is interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel in a taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show in Los Angeles October 24, 2016.Obama also revisited the special presidential edition of Kimmels Mean Tweets ahead of the appearance. And I never said Obama got Bin Laden I said he was the guy who ordered the assault thats what he does as commander in chief.

After this guy was wanted for DECADES, he was taken down during Obamas watch does he not get ANY credit for that in your head? Exclamation point. realDonaldTrump," Obama said, reading a mean tweet that the Republican presidential nominee had fired off about him during the Presidents appearance on " Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Jimmy Kimmel has gotten pretty much every major celebrity and sports star to read mean tweets about themselves on his show over the years.RELATED: Obama Makes First Public Comments About Ferguson Shooting on Jimmy Kimmel Live. LOS ANGELES — President Obama entertained Jimmy Kimmels audience on Monday with some of the mean tweets sent his way, beginning with one sent by Donald Trump in August when he said President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States.. President Obama, appearing on ABCs Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, played along with the host in riffs on birthers, mean Tweets and Hillary Clintons email address. Making his first appearance on the show since he became president Mr. Obama taped an appearance on ABCs Jimmy Kimmel Live, and as part of his interview participated in an installment of Kimmels Mean Tweets feature, where celebrities and public figures are quite literally faced with the mean things people say about them on the internet.up on us, then Christmas and New Years, and before you know it, President Obama will slink out into his private life and he will cease to be an everyday presence in our lives.That Im going to miss, so bask in this final edition of Jimmy Kimmels President Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself. The Lives of James Atlas. The Best New Fiction. How to Spend a Billion Dollars.With just about three months left in his second and final term as U.S. president, Barack Obama is having a good time. On tonights Jimmy Kimmel Live, president Obama savaged Donald Trump as part of the highly popular Mean Tweets segment. After reading a few mean tweets from regular Americans, Obama read a tweet from Donald Trumps official Twitter account, from August The president appeared on ABCs Jimmy Kimmel Live during the middle of his three-day visit to Nevada and California, where he is campaigning and raisingKimmel routinely has celebrities read some of the mean tweets sent their way. Another person asked: Barack Obama, bro do you even lift? [Barack Obama] Yes. [Jimmy Kimmel:] Source: LYBIO.net I think thats mean and I dont think there is anything wrong with the jeans you wear.Are you sad that the video is over? Well, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and you will never be sad again, ever. Jimmy Kimmel Live Mean Tweets Mean Tweets: President Obama on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"President Obama Says First Lady Would Divorce Him if He Ran Again - Продолжительность: 3:11 Jimmy Kimmel Live 3 248 010 просмотров. Jimmy Kimmel has made a name for himself getting celebrities to read the horrible things people say about them on social media, and that now includes the President of the United States. During President Obamas much publicized appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Thursday night President Obama got to take on his social media critics during his Thursday night appearance on " Jimmy Kimmel Live.". In the hosts "Mean Tweets" segment, Obama read aloud the tweets from his less satisfied constituents. Before long, Barack Obama will have to give up the POTUS Twitter handle. Ahead of Election Day on Nov. 8, the current commander-in-chief stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday, where he participated in a second reading of mean tweets. For the second time in two years, Obama read some mean tweets about himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live, including one that called him the Nickelback of presidents and another that compared him to Sharknado: Loud, stupid and over-hyped! The president of the United States read out a series of mean tweets about himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live, culminating in one from Mr Trump, who is known for his use of the social media platform to carry out public spats or settle scores. The last tweet read out by Mr Obama stated Obamas Mean Tweets segment aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday. He read one tweet asking: Barack Obama, bro do you even lift? The president shot back: Well, I lifted the ban on Cuban cigars. US President Barack Obama read "Mean Tweets" on ABCs "Jimmy Kimmel Live", but he was unfazed.After enduring the routine, in which celebrities read hostile Twitter comments about themselves Jimmy Kimmel is fairly well known for getting celebrities to read mean tweets about themselves, and its always hilarious.Heartfelt Note Left On Ambulance Thanks Emergency Services For Saving Lives.Following the tirade of angry tweets, Obama went on to talk to the late-night host who

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