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Wireless Gaming Headset SpicedWolf7s PC Specs: Haf-X Full Tower 850W Coolermaster P/S Asus M5A97 MB AMD HiS 7870HD Turbo Edition AMD Phenom II x4 3.5GHz 8MB G.Skill Ripjaw RAM.[RIFT 3.6] Warrior - 61 Void Knight Tank Guide. Mr Smiles: Big Thanks for the build/spc. Im still only a month into the game and do not have tempest. What would you change or suggest for my warrior build? ATM- just trying to level. 29 October, 2014. [RIFT] 3.0 Cleric - Lazy Druid Guide - Cleric DPS/Solo/Levelling Spec.19 November, 2014. Rift Cleric Tank God Mode. 27 December, 2016. [RIFT 3.3] Cleric - 61 Purifier ST Healing/Shielding Guide. Rift Cleric Tank God Mode. mp3 download - watch online - video download. Grim Rift What is the Most OP Class?mp3 download - watch online - video download. RIFT 3.

5 Warrior DPS specs overview with Sahtiar. Rift tank guide warrior. VERIFIED CURRENT FOR 3.6An intermediate guide to playing 61 Void Knight!Upgrading memory in an HP NC6320 Hp compaq business notebook nc6320 specs . 2.1 Tanking has not changed too drastically in terms of playstyle, but the specs are different check them out here.

Opinion mmogames.com. 60. RIFT Prepares for the Celestial Storm. Thursday, December 27, 2012. RIFT Warrior Tank builds for patch 2.1.61 VK/15 Paladin/0 Tempest (same as 2.0). This spec is my personal favorite, its not the 1 mitigation, but its still alright, just be sure you outgear the content. Warrior BiS List for SFP. 58 Paladin tanking spec.Rift Classes » Warrior » PvP Spec Print New PvP spec Im trying is 44 paragon, 22 champ paired strike is pretty evil, I dont get as many huge hits Warrior Guides RIFT Forums. New player looking for tank suggestion.[RIFT 3.6] Warrior 61 Void Knight Tank Guide YouTube. VERIFIED CURRENT FOR 3.6An intermediate guide to playing 61 VoidKnight! I really want to tank, but I dont know what "purpose" i should use. Summoners War strategies. Any chance of doing a warrior pally video for 3.0 please?[RIFT] 3.0 Cleric - Lazy Druid Guide - Cleric DPS/Solo/Levelling Spec. Rift Tanking Basics. [RIFT 3.6] Warrior - 61 Void Knight Tank Guide. [ Rift 3.0] Inquisitor is OP! - Inquisitor Cleric PvP Gameplay Commentary.Rift Classes Warrior Build Guide Video. Rift 3.1 - Guide To Fast Mage Farming (New Spec). [RIFT] 3.0 Warrior - 61 Reaver Guide PVP/PVE - Warrior Ranged DPS.[RIFT] 3.0 Cleric - Justicar Tank Guide - Cleric Tanking Specs, Masteries and Rotations. by Seatin Man of Legends. Комментарии. Похожие видео. [RIFT] Nightmare Tide - What is the most 3 years ago.Seatin Man of Legends 14 hours ago. Rift - Paragon Warrior PvP - One-Shottin [Rift] 3.0 Cleric - Justicar Tank Guide - Cleric Tanking Specs, Masteries And Rotations. Single target spam macro: show precept of refuge suppressmacrofailures cast precept of refuge cast bolt of radiance cast reckoning cast strike of [ Rift] 3.0 Warrior - 61 Reaver Guide Pvp/pve Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0]. Video duration : 15:31.It wont cover classes, specs or expansions, what classes are better or worse at tanking, or how to gem, enchant or gear yourself. Rift Warrior Tank Guide uses primarily the Paladin soul as he absorbs most attacks with little damage.The Warrior, Rogue and Cleric soul classes all have the option to spec a primary tank but out of the three, the Warrior tank is typically the most preferred simply because its a bad-ass Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0]. Просмотров: 5, 530 | Загружено: 3 год.Добавлено: 3 год. Добавил: The Gamers Emporium. [RIFT 3.6] Warrior - 61 Void Knight Tank Guid [Download] RIFT 3 0 Warrior Warlord PVP DPS Guide Macros Spec Rotation More.Download Rift Rogue Tank Riftstalkler Build Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO. Reaver is the strongest AOE spec, with very strong damage output and self-healing.

Reaver is also a staple of any magic damage reduction build.Rift Warrior Warlord In Depth Guide Rift Warrior Mighty Paragon Build Guide Rift Warrior Hybrid Tank/DPS Build Rift Warrior Perfect Solo Build Tanking: Currently Void Knight is the go-to spec for tanking with its extra utility and cooldowns, however Paladin has slightly higher raw mitigation and a very strong raid cooldown (Lifes Rapture). http A Place To Let One Rift - Hosted by Shivtr.As of 3.0 hotfix 6, VK is now the spec of choice for Warrior tanks in almost every situation. It has a short CD unlike Rift Summon from VK as well, so you can usually use it multiple times in a pull if needed.I dont have my exact specs in front of me atm, but what I use is only slightly different from this spec for single target tanking Duke and Johlen best 3.35 warrior tanking spec. Best Rift Cleric Builds - HealingProtection Warriors were the first tanking class and are one of the four PvE main tank combinations of class and spec in WoW. The other three are Feral Druids. Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0]. Ninon Sand. LoadingWarrior Void Knight Tanking Deepstrike Mines - Duration: 17:48. EpicBaconFlips 144 views. RIFT Tank Build - Ultimate Tank Souls.RIFT Warrior Leveling Spec, Storm Legion. rift warrior tanking tank guide 3.0 void knight voidknight vk.Rift 3.2 - [Updated] 61 Voidknight Warrior Tank Guide. Rift Tanking Basics. DPS AS TANK - Swifty EU Warrior Mythic 10 Vault of the Wardens - Legion 7.2 download 1 - mp3 download - download 3. RIFT Top 5 DPS Classes Best Soul Builds download 1 - mp3 downloadRIFT 3.5 Warrior DPS specs overview with Sahtiar download 1 - mp3 download - download 3. Смотреть Rift 3.0 - 38 Assassin 38 Nightblade Rogue Hybrid Guide Ютуб видео, музыка, фильмы, обзоры, игровое и познавательное видео, и ещё многое другое,у нас найдёшь всё - мы ждём тебя! As a note, its optimal on multi-tank fghts to run one tank with Soul Regeneration as their level 62 mastery (or w/e theirRift Reversal. Reflects the next 3 spells. Utility.Your main finisher, its what makes this spec great. Vengeful Decree. Leveling as a Warrior Tank Reaver Patch 2.3 RIFT Forums. This guide is intended to help players new to Warrior or Rift in general as they level a Warrior Tank. This guide is for tanking in dungeons, it is not an effective spec for solo content. Currently (3.7 Nightmare Tide), the best warrior tank build is Void Knight due to the sheer amount of mitigation it has. Id recommend looking at some guides. The most common build you will see is 61 Void Knight 15 Paladin 0 Tempest / 0 Warlord. Happy Rifting! Rift screwed with the tanking classes so much that they overpowered the other classes tanking. A warrior Tank has far more damage in a tanking class when in a full tank spec. Rift Warrior Tank Build Guide. 22-7-2011 Tanking is one of the most important functions in the Rift game.This is the 1 spell mitigation spec. We finally have a hybrid (aside from 41/35)! are you looking for a guide that shows you how to play the popular warrior tanking . rift tank build . best tank class warrior soul build . [rift 3.5] reaver warrior pve guide - top st dps spec for warriors! nightmare tide grimgaming rift. . my warrior builds [rift 3.3] tempest warrior pve guide Rift Warrior Tanking Build - Ultimate Rift Warrior Build For Tanking! Bajheera - RIFT 2.7 Level 60 Warlord Warrior PvP Build - Talents Macros.[RIFT] Nightmare Tide - What is the most OP PVP class? RIFT Warrior Leveling Spec, Storm Legion. [RIFT] 2.6 Warrior: Paragon DPS guide. RIFT Facebook. Search 29 Tuatha Guilds: Search 7,743 MembersThough this spec does have its downfall too. In this spec I am known to loose about 1k health give a bit.The paragon tree also gives warriors other benefits to tanking like Duality of Mind, which makes your attack point generating Dont discount healers being bad. Rift - Rioreia Threesprings 11/11 Conq, 5/8 LoL - aljskdfasdf XBL - BladeBlade PSO2 - Rasmolov Ship 10.You have a different tank spec right? Pvp Tank The Immortal Buil Rift Warrior Tanking Build Mage Solo Farm Spec For StInvincible Rift Mage Spec KFGuides Rift: Guide For Arbiter (Mage 3 .0 Soul) Ri Dragon Age Inquisition C , Rift Cleric Tank Spec. Silverwood pt 1 Level 16.I have decided that a Warrior lacked a certain something, I present the Tanking Cleric. Using the Justicar Shaman Inquistor souls we will get to 50 using Rifts purpose Build. The warlord is one of the stronger tank specs for Warriors at this point and time in the game.3.0 Popular Builds and Tactics. Here we will discuss the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guides top picks for warrior builds in depth. Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0]. Search Gameplay Videos: Podobne filmy. 8:33 Rift Power Leveling 1 to 65. 10:37 Rift 2.8 - 61 Paladin Warrior Tanking Guide.22:55 [RIFT 3.6] Warrior - 61 Void Knight Tank Guide. My Rift 61 Riftblade Warrior Spec and Macro Guide. This is the RB that a lot of us use. A lot of Warriors use this same spec, while others switch around some points to fit their playstyle more.Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0]. Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0]. Share to Facebook Subscribe Report this video by Ninon Sand 3 years ago 5,530.GrimGaming Rift 3 years ago. Rift 3.1 - Guide To Fast Mage Farming (New Spec). Tank (also known as a meat shield) is a role a character can assume in a party or raid. The tank is in charge of taking damage for the rest of the group, to keep characters with low survivability out of danger. Rift Warrior Tanking. If your reading this guide you are of a warrior calling and have at least scrolled through the skill trees to read what abilities do. This guide is the basics of individual spec and individual play. Hi, I rerolled at the start of f2p after having a break from rift and thought I would give 2 handed warrior tanking spec a go. I use void knight/warlord. This lets me block with a 2h. -Build- http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree4kGGGGllllkg/98h0/V -Macros- ST show reckless strike suppressmacrofailures cast reckless strike cast retaliation MT show Tempest suppressmacrofailures cast Tempest cast Void Storm cast Ragestorm -Disclaimer- No copyright infringement intended. 24 October 2012 Build or Spec No comments.Between heals, shields, and threat generation, this is the ultimate Warrior Tank build.This is best used for melee type characters. For ranged mobs, I like to use Rift Summon, which teleports a single mob to us. Learn how to tank in RiftCompare World of Warcraft warrior tanks versus Rift warrior tanksBe guided in using paladin and warlord special abilities rift saboteur builds. rift warrior guide.Rift 3.0 Mage Guides - Arbiter 61 PVE Tank.Rift Mage Pyromancer PVE Leveling Spec Awesome Build!! Ultimate Pyro Spec !!

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