textarea with formatting options





i am using text area but i want to use some editor which gives formatting options to my user like changing color of the text , font- size, font-color, wysiwyg or some other to fill the options. . Definition and Usage. The . JAVASCRIPT. vue formatted textarea. A Pen By Pepijn. Run.HTML Options. Hi, There is a text area in which user is going to enter email content now i want to provide formatting feature that we generally see while composing an email , that is the formatting tool bar that we generally see. what are the available options to achieve the same. The textarea with remaining chars. Javascript for managing html-input in a textarea. De textarea element on an html-input-form has a disadvantage.Note: h7 is the name of the textarea element. sbh7 stands for selectbox for textarea h7. First you select one of the options. The long version: I have a form with a simple Textarea widget. class Form (forms.Form): f forms.CharField(widgetforms.Textarea()). in a view I set an initial value